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Alicia Still is the STEM Leadership Team Coordinator in the STEM LAB at California State University, East Bay.

CSUEB has 12,000 undergraduate students. Our center is housed in the College of Science and launched as the Math Lab in Fall 2018. Starting Spring 2022, it has been rebranded into the STEM LAB and now serves 8 of the 11 departments within the College with about 75 undergraduate STEM Learning Assistants (LAs). We have three rooms within the Science Building, one of which is dedicated to the Math and Statistics departments. LAs offer in-person and online drop-in tutoring, exam review sessions, and study groups. Every LA is embedded in one section of a course and holds tutoring hours for that course only. On the Math & Stat side, we support College Algebra, Precalculus, Math for Business, Math for Humanities, Intro to Statistics & Probability, Statistics for Business, Statistics for Humanities, and Statistics for Social Sciences.

The absolute best part of my job is watching LAs grow personally, academically, and professionally during their time here! It is always so bittersweet to say goodbye to them at graduation. One piece of advice I have for folks new to leading a center is to develop close relationships with the faculty, department chairs, and deans. They have been instrumental in the success of our center.

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